RAM Ratings: Fever takes top spot in Mumbai and Delhi for Week 38

For Week 38 (September 17-23, 2017) of RAM Ratings Fever took the top spot in Mumbai and Delhi while Radio City and Radio Mirchi took over Bangalore a...

Radio City reports profit of Rs 17.2 cr for Q1'18, up 42% YoY

Music Broadcast Limited, which operates private FM stations under the brand name Radio City, has reported its unaudited financial results for the quar...

Losing out on listeners, radio makes ads shorter but expensive

Radio stations are increasingly feeling the pressure to retain listeners, who are put off by excessive advertising and to counter this, a favoured tac...

Fever FM consolidates leadership in metros, hikes ad rates by 20%

Ad rate hike is in step with the growth in listenership and in line with the network’s endeavor to keep advertising inventory under control, says Hars...

MIB releases details of RED FM's successful wins in first round of Phase III

The Madras High Court had earlier allowed South Asia FM (which runs Red FM as well as Suryan FM) to participate in the Phase III auctions held last ye...

High reserve price irks operators as second batch of Phase III radio auctions begin

Auction of second batch of Phase III frequencies, which began on Tuesday, has seen a muted response by the radio sector with many large operators not...

Fever FM launches stations in Hyderabad & UP

Fever 94.3 FM has launched as the 'Baap of Bollywood' in Hyderabad and will launch a new show every week for the next six weeks. In UP Fever FM will b...

Why are private FM stations reviving retro music?

In a bid to differentiate their content offering and to take advantage of popularity of old Bollywood music, radio operators have been launching stand...

Fever FM increases ad rates by 20 per cent

The ad rate hike comes into effect from the month of February and will be applicable across all stations.

RAM Ratings: Radio City and Big FM tie in Mumbai; Fever FM leads in Delhi

RAM ratings for Week 44 are out and the data shows Radio City leading in Mumbai while Fever FM and Radio Mirchi continue to dominate in Delhi and Kolk...

RAM Ratings: Big FM leads in Mumbai, Radio Mirchi dominates in Kolkata in Week 43

Big FM leads in Mumbai in Week 43 while Fever FM and Radio Mirchi lead in Delhi and Kolkata respectively. Radio City leads in Bangalore

RAM Ratings Week 42: Radio City moves to third spot in Delhi; Big FM continues lead in Mumbai

In Week 42, Fever FM continues lead in Delhi, while Radio Mirchi stays on top in Kolkata. In Bangalore Radio City takes first place

RAM Ratings: Big FM takes top spot in Mumbai; Radio Mirchi sees drop in market share in Kolkata

In Week 41, Radio City gets pushed to second place in Mumbai. In Delhi, Fever FM stays at the top

RAM Ratings Week 40: Radio City takes the lead in Mumbai with Big FM @second spot

In Week 40, Fever FM leads in Delhi while in Kolkata Radio Mirchi and in Bangalore Radio City takes the top spots

Fever FM increases ad rates by 20% across all stations

Across the 4 metros, Fever has 17.5 million listeners and leads 6 of the 8 drive times. Fever also leads across day parts in Delhi and Bangalore (in t...

RAM Ratings Week 39: Big FM leads in Mumbai; In Delhi Fever FM continues in top spot

In Kolkata, Radio Mirchi leads in Week 39. Radio City remains in first place in Bangalore

RAM Ratings: Fever leads in Delhi, followed by Radio Mirchi in week 38

BIG FM leads in Mumbai, Radio Mirchi in Kolkata and Radio City in Bangalore

RAM Ratings Week 37: Fever FM shows drop in market share; still leads in Delhi

In Week 37, Big FM in Mumbai, Radio Mirchi in Koljata and Radio City in Banfalore also shows minor decrease but remain in the lead

Are second networks the way to go for FM radio?

Phase III of radio has brought in a number of new regulations that will help radio operators explore new content and programming opportunities. Is thi...

RAM Ratings: Radio City stays firmly on top in Bangalore in Week 36

In Week 35, Radio Mirchi Delhi climbs to second place, pushing Big FM down to third spot

Fever FM emerges big winner in Phase III auctions with Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad frequencies

Fever FM has spent money to the tune of approximately Rs 340 crore and has won 10 frequencies. Big FM acquired 14 new frequencies. Radio City also had...

RAM Ratings Big FM moves to top spot in Mumbai in week 35

Radio City and Big FM have been competing for the top spot in Mumbai and Radio City's last week's position of leadership was taken away by Big FM in w...