L.V. Krishnan, CEO, TAM India

<br> "TAM aspires to be a Professional Advisor to the Indian Television industry."

Rajat Jain, Executive Vice President, SET MAX

<br> "The whole country is cricket crazy, and we expect our Distribution revenues to rise strongly, with inroads in hitherto virgin territory."

Pratap Pawar, INS President and MD, Sakal

<br>"The print media in India has posted a growth of 20-28% - the fastest in the world."

V Ramani, CEO, Mediaturf Worldwide

<br><br> "Internet has been proved globally to be outside the domain expertise of traditional offline agencies"

S.Y. Quraishi, Director General, Doordarshan

<br> "My single point agenda is to bring transparency in Doordarshan's operations. To bring back it’s lost glory"

P. V. Narayanamoorthy, Regional Director, Carat Asia Pacific

<br> "In the Indian market, what the client gets is not necessarily what has been negotiated."

Kiran Khalap, Founder, chlorophyll

<br><br> "We make more profits than most medium size agencies!"

Jagdeep Kapoor, MD, Samsika Marketing Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

<br>"The difference between a media brand and a consumer brand is that of a product and a service."

Ramanujam Sridhar, CEO, brand-comm

<br><br> "We want to be the Infosys of communication."