Thomas Puliyel, President, IMRB

<br>"There are some categories where the growth is coming from larger packs and not just the sachet packs"

G. Krishnan, ED & CEO, Aaj Tak

<br>"They (media planners) must respect news channel for the serious audiences it draws. They must understand that news channels are different from en...

A.G Krishnamurthy, Chairman, Mudra

<br>"It will be quite some time before a semblance of normalcy is restored in our lives and in the market sentiments."


<br>"Super Selector is an evolution of our 4 O's strategy of on-air, on-line, on-ground and off-air."

Nirvik Singh, MD, Grey Worldwide - India

<br>"Our communication (for net brands) has always been targeted to simplify the complexity of the net and eliminate tech phobia"

Maulik Jasubhai, Executive Director, Jasubhai Digital Multimedia

<br>"Technology has transited from being in the stand-alone "utility product" category to enmeshing itself in the threads of our lives."

Nischint Chawla, CEO, Radio Midday

<br>"Radio market size has grown and more stations have started out. So, clearly the same trend should be visible in India too."

Achal Mehra, President, TMG

<br>"I think the technology media domain justifies the creation of right media vehicles, for the technology industry to communicate on."

I.Venkat, Director, Eenadu Group

<br>"Media has seen a lot of change for better. Media planning & Buying has shifted to Clients with Buying becoming an important aspect."

Tapan Pal, President & CEO, Zenith Media

<br>"Any medium or message type that is effective in helping the client meet his marketing/sales goals has an important role to play in a campaign"

Gopinath Menon, Vice President, TBWA-Anthem

<br>"Selling more copies does not ensure greater advertising revenue… actually means a weaker Balance Sheet!"

Narendhra Morar, Commissioning Editor-Regions, BBC World

<br>"The one disappointing aspect about television in India is that the industry seems to follow trends rather than setting them"

Todd Miller, MD, AXN Asia

<br>"A show to definitely keep your eye on in the next couple months is "The Agency," which AXN will premiere in India and Asia"

Samit Sinha, Managing Partner, Alchemist Brand Consulting

<br>"Increasingly kids are occupying center-stage in terms marketing communication directed at them"

Sam Balsara, Chairman & Managing Director, Madison Communications Private Limited

<br>"Last year was an unusual year in more ways than one. It was the year when Marketing Myopia reached its zenith on Indian shores and Brand building...

Rohinton Maloo, MD, MediaScope Associates

<br>"It is now a proven fact that Indian kids will drive sales more than ever before."

Pratik Basu, CEO, Buena Vista Television India

<br>"Media price levels are falling way below their true value. That cannot be good for any industry, can it?"

Vikram Sakhuja, Managing Director, MindShare Fulcrum - Central Asia

<br>"Today asking Agency, Client and Channel to describe Media is like asking the 3 blind men describing an elephant."

Amit Ray, Executive VP, Mudra

<br> "Low noticeability of Print advertising is shocking"

Ashish Bhasin, President, INITIATIVE MEDIA

"There is no place for more than 4-5 key media buying and planning companies in India. A shake out is imminent over the next 2 years."

Amit Khanna, Chairman, Reliance Entertainment

"I see a major growth in television and satellite connectivity. It has the potential universe of close to 150 million households in next 4-5 years. Ou...

James Marturano, Managing Director-South Asia, HBO

<br>"We expect to see a consolidation in the Indian broadcasting business. There will be a shake-out"

Mahendra Swarup, CEO, Times Internet Limited

<br> "There is no wastage of the advertising buck on the net"

Praveen Tripathi, Consultant, Communication & Media Effectiveness

<br>"As an industry we have to reorient to chasing X bottles of the product and not just the GRPs!"