Enron eyes Net in India as power loses steam

India’s inability to enact quick reforms in the power sector and the explosive growth of the internet in the country is driving US energy giant Enro...

Research cos know all about the Netizen except his count

How many internet users are there in the country? The answer could vary anywhere between 2 million and 5 million, depending on whom you ask.

Net4india to invest Rs 100cr in Net datacentres

Net4india plans to invest about Rs 100 crore for setting up internet datacentres.

Yahoo! Launches Net roadshow

Yahoo! India has launched Yahoo! NetRoadshow: an Internet roadshow, designed for Indian corporates targeting overseas markets and international invest...

Satyam wins case against cybersquatter

Satyam Computer Services Ltd. has won the case in the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Centre, Geneva to recover the domain names Satyam.net, Satyam.org...

Satyam sees big hike in solutions sales

Satyam Infoway said that its Web solutions business is likely to increase its sales six-fold this year, fuelling overall group revenues substantially...

Cisco, Jain Net click country’s biggest e-deal

The global networking giant Cisco Systems has entered into a contract with Jain Internet to supply 50,000 network access server ports for the latter’s...

VSNL puts ISPs on par with corporates

Barely three days after announcing a 70 per cent cut in internet leased line tariffs, Videsh Sanchar Nigam has decided to do away with the practice...

UK dotcoms wasting millions on mainstream ads

British dotcoms splurging millions of pounds on traditional advertising have wasted their money and failed to win customer loyalty.

VSNL to add 900 mbps of bandwidth to its network

The Videsh Sanchar Nigam(VSNL) is now set to snow the country with international bandwidth. Even before the bandwidth committee has submitted its...

Corporate Services means big bucks for ISPs

For internet service providers, corporate services are the new buzzword. Plain advertising revenue is passe.

Log on to Shah Rukh’s srkworld.com for Bollywood and more

Film star Shah Rukh Khan has launched an entertainment portal srkworld.com.

Contest2win, Mid-Day in exclusive alliance

Contest2win and www.chalomumbai.com have announced an exclusive alliance for co-branded contests page.

VSNL tariff cut: Industry sees more to it than meets the eye

Industry experts says that thee is more to VSNL’s steep reduction in the tariffs for Internet leased lines and International Private Leased Lines (IPC...

Pitara.Com unveils browser for tiny tots

At a time when Indian internet ventures are desperately chasing VCs and fund managers, here is a dotcom that says it is not looking for venture capita...

Net users outpaces, TV, magazines

A recent IDC survey says that the daily use of a computer by an average outpaces other mediums of information such as TV and magazines.

Infinity, Chrysalis pump Rs 22cr in 2 portals

At a time when very few venture funds are touching dotcom ventures worldwide, two Indian VCs have decided to seal the second rounds of investment for...

Indians spend more money on Net: study

A new study done by market research firm International Data Corporation India, has indicates that the average Indian internet user spends more money...

Bandwidth disparity leads to poor Net speed: Study

Huge disparity between the national and the international bandwidth is responsible for the poor Internet speed and its reliability in the country.

Yahoo! India is hungry for more

Yahoo! India’s new campaign is aimed at ensuring an even larger slice of the online ad business.

Jaldi ties up with Windows2shop, gets new CEO

E-TAILING portal Jaldi.com on Tuesday announced a merger with Windows2shop.com , the consumer durables shopping site.

RightServe tops in online, support service: elMRB

RightServe TM has been ranked India’s best online advertising support service by eIMRB.